willow lane interiors
willow lane interiors

Giving Back

How I contribute.

Helping others by giving is something very important to me. I care about my community and want to give back in a way that supports others. A percentage of all Willow Lane Interior services goes to POEM (Perinatal Outreach and Encouragement for Moms). This group, based in Central Ohio, provides mental health support for moms all over Ohio. They offer professional referrals, one-on-one phone support, mentor support, in-person and on-line support groups.

I have used the program's support myself. After the birth of my son, I found POEM when I needed them most. Tonya, the head of POEM, and other countless women (including my mentor, Diana!) are extremely dedicated and caring. Services in our community like POEM are so valuable and necessary. Mental Illness affects so many families across the United States. Many people feel a sense of shame or embarrassment around receiving help. I'm passionate about bringing mental illness out of the shadows. It's possible to thrive, not just survive, after mental illness.

Helping our Planet.

Seeking professional staging and design services it helps you to make the right decor purchases the first time. Instead of feeling like you need to toss everything out and start from scratch. I can help you decide what stays and what needs donated.

I love to 'up-cycle', taking an item you have or find and improving it. There are many ways you can take a piece that you already own and add a coat of paint or fabric and turn it in to a new looking piece. This can save time, money and help our environment by not purchasing something newly manufactured.

When purchasing new items, I focus on vintage, antique and thrift store finds to add to a home. They have the most character! It also helps support local business.

I am constantly looking for businesses that use sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices in production of their goods. Environment friendly items can seem hard to find, but they are out there.


Anne Trautman